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GOLD Mcx Sep : -
Present increase move in costs may not be achieved as long as if hats the benefit hurdle of 30030 area and such ruined goes may find support at 29850/800 or even reduced to 29750. Anyhow crack above 30020 area could increase fresh buying towards 30110/30250.

SILVER Mcx Aug : -

The reactionary jump from 53100 region has overshadowed the keep efforts. But on later period present short protecting move may be limited until it combination above 53500 region and such unsuccessful goes could flow lower towards the assistance of 53100/52600. Successful deals above 53500 region could range up costs with a calculated purpose of 53800/54200.

COPPER Mcx Aug : -
Even though wide pattern is bearish, expect a short protecting move if prices cannot cut below 414 and such goes may test the benefit area of 417/420. On the other side, stable deals below 414 could encourage fresh selling pressure towards 412/410.

CRUDE OIL Mcx  Aug : -
Beginning deals are required to be northbound with a restricted focus on of 5010 initially. Further clean rallies will be activates only a strong crack out of 5020 area that could focus on 5060 then to 5100. Nevertheless, did not crack above 5030 area could sell clean purchasing and find support at 4950/4910 or even lower to 4870 region.

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