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GOLD Mcx July : -
Adverse tendency is in advance provided that 29950 area hats the benefit for the day and such weak point may side down costs towards 29720/600 or even more towards 29470 stages. Even though in this hopeless image, a straight increase above 30010 area could adulterate our bearish perspective and analyze 30110/250 or even greater towards 30320.

SILVER Mcx Aug : -

Existing selling sentiments is probably to proceed towards 53500/53200 or even reduced towards 52500. Even in this bearish perspective, shock increase above 54400 area could concern our glum perspective and discover benefit area of 54700/55100 or even greater towards 55600.

COPPER Ncdex/Mcx/ June : -
As long as 421 area hats the benefit, everyday sentiments looks depressing and anticipate to see a reduced modification towards 414. However crack of 414 is required to induce significant promoting stress towards 411. On the other hand on the higher side, a rush above 424 would be an beginning indication of producing the next move towards 431.

NICKEL Mcx June : -
Intraday direction likely to be on the northern limited by positioning the disadvantage hurdle of 921 and such remedial goes may discover greater levels of 937/946 or even more. But strong investments below 921 could entice significant promoting stress towards 911/897.

LEAD Mcx Jun : -
Even though negative sentiments still lasts, a pullback move could observe towards 101.30 before the next bearish strength reemerges in the reverse. But it has to crack powerful assistance of 99 for significant drops to occur towards 96 followed by 94 stages in the near phrase. On the other part, a immediate increase of 104.30 is needed to observe the a cure for pattern in the near term.

ZINC Mcx Jun : -
A brief protecting move is on advance towards 102 stages, after it rebounded from 98 last night. For the day, we anticipate to see an preliminary restoration move towards 102 followed by a drop towards 101.3 then 100.2 stages. On the other part, surprising pullback above 102.7 could hole the bearish perspective in the near term.

CRUDEOIL Ncdex/Mcx/ July : -
Costs confronted a firm level of resistance at 4630 area in the last day dealing and this obstruction has to provide way for leading to clean purchasing towards 4684/4710 stages. For the day, we give preference to prices to business with bearish emotions towards a focus on of 4520/500 or even reduced towards 4470.


"Gold" costs increased by Rs 330 to Rs 30,700 per 10 gm, while "Silver" obtained Rs 1,300 to Rs 54,500 per kg in the bullion market here these days on development of need and powerful hints from the global markets.

Traders said while gold increased on appearance of buying by stores and jewelers for wedding season, silver obtained on increased offtake by business systems and coin manufacturers.

GOLDPETAL costs on MCX were dealing smooth. MCX GOLDPETAL June agreement was dealing at Rs 3020.00 down Rs 1.00, or 0.02%. The GOLDPETAL amount shifted an intraday high of Rs 3017.00 and an intraday low of Rs 3001.00. GOLDPETAL costs have shifted up Rs 80.00, or 2.71% in the June sequence so far.

SILVERMIC costs on MCX were dealing reduced. MCX SILVERMIC june agreement was dealing at Rs 53527.00 down Rs 168.00, or 0.32%. The SILVERMIC amount shifted an intraday high of Rs 53742.00 and an intraday low of Rs 53481.00. SILVERMIC costs have shifted down Rs 6471.00, or 10.78% in the June sequence so far.

MCX SILVERMIC Aug agreement was dealing at Rs 54830.00 down Rs 150.00, or 0.26%. The SILVERMIC amount shifted an intraday high of Rs 55054.00 and an intraday low of Rs 54810.00. SILVERMIC costs have shifted down Rs 7150.00, or 11.54% in the Aug sequence so far.


Moody's reduced the rankings of some of global greatest bank by one to three steps, showing the risk of failures to those financial institutions from investment market. Increasing concerns over debt disaster in the Money area and US Government Reserve's plan choices, encouraged traders to stay away from gold and desired protection in US dollar. MCX Gold Aug in the other day made a high of 30423 and low of 29762 with the ending of 29971. For the next 7 days, gold has level of resistance of 30345 and assistance of 29682 AND major support 29451.

The Silver July MCX at the other day stayed in the variety limited of 55192 to 52567. Silver in the the other day started out at 54271 with a high of 55192 and made a low of 52567 and shut at 52931. For this 7 days silver has a powerful level of resistance of 54561. In the disadvantage silver has the assistance level of 51932-51210.

MCX Copper's failures faster after data revealed that China's HSBC Flash Purchasing Professionals Index, the first signal of the nation's industrial activity, dropped to a seven-month low of 48.2 in May from a final reading of 48.3 in May, as trade purchases stayed strongly in shrinkage. Birdwatcher Jun in the other day after in contact with the high of 424.42 made a low of 412.21 and closed at 417.32. For this 7 days Birdwatcher has a strong resistance of 423.72. In the disadvantage Copper have the support level of 411.54.

Nickel in the the other day after in contact with the great of 964 did not maintain at that level and came in the down trend. Dime Jun MCX in the other day made a higher of 963 and low of 923.20 and closed at 943.30. Dime this 7 days has a strong resistance of 964.40 and support of 922.82.

MCX Crude: Crude Oil futures trading rallied after returned from an 8 month low, as Moody's bank downgrades were not as serious as market predicted. The Crude Oil July MCX in the other day started out at 4697 with a high of 4783 and low of 4474 shut at 4598. For this 7 days oil has a powerful level of resistance of 4762. In the disadvantage crude has a assistance level of 4454.


MCX SILVER July agreement was dealing at Rs 53101.00 up Rs 204.00, or 0.38%. The SILVER amount shifted an intraday great of Rs 53164.00 and an intraday low of Rs 52553.00. SILVER costs have shifted down Rs 16983.00, or 24.22% in the July series so far.

MCX SILVER Sept agreement was dealing at Rs 54400.00 up Rs 220.00, or 0.40%. The SILVER amount shifted an intraday great of Rs 54458.00 and an intraday low of Rs 53864.00. SILVER costs have shifted down Rs 5998.00, or 9.92% in the Sept sequence so far.

MCX SILVER Dec agreement was dealing at Rs 56051.00 up Rs 211.00, or 0.37%. The SILVER amount shifted an intraday great of Rs 56051.00 and an intraday low of Rs 55561.00. SILVER costs have shifted down Rs 6961.00, or 11.06% in the Dec sequence so far.

MCX GOLD Aug agreement was dealing at Rs 29996.00 up Rs 153.00, or 0.51%. The GOLD amount shifted an intraday great of Rs 30018.00 and an intraday low of Rs 29761.00. GOLD costs have shifted up Rs 236.00, or 0.81% in the Aug sequence so far.

MCX GOLD Oct agreement was dealing at Rs 30200.00 up Rs 142.00, or 0.47%. The GOLD amount shifted an intraday great of Rs 30311.00 and an intraday low of Rs 30076.00. GOLD costs have shifted up Rs 1351.00, or 4.65% in the Oct sequence so far.

MCX GOLD Dec agreement was dealing at Rs 30610.00 up Rs 131.00, or 0.43%. The GOLD amount shifted an intraday great of Rs 30610.00 and an intraday low of Rs 30371.00. GOLD costs have shifted up Rs 1300.00, or 4.42% in the Dec sequence so far.


Indian gold futures trading are likely to improve profits this week to hit a record high, on objectives of a further devaluation in the rupee and financial reducing by the US Federal Reserve.
Gold should sustain the upwards tendency until at least the next day. Tomorrow being the FOMC announcement.

The most-active Gold for Aug delivery on the MCX was 0.17% greater at Rs 30,368 per 10 gm, after reaching a history great of Rs 30,421.

"Buy gold on falls to Rs 30,260, for a target on of Rs 30,581," said our  analyst.

The rupee, which dropped for a second immediately period to hit its minimum in more than two several weeks, performs an essential part in identifying the arrived cost of the dollar quoted yellow metal.
Investors worry the rupee could create a restored force to the history low at 56.51 hit against the money on May 31, and believe any violation below 56.10 may induce treatment from the central bank.

The Federal Open Market Comittee (FOMC) produces a plan declaration at the end of its two-day conference on Wednesday. The Fed's present "Operation Twist" program, which includes purchasing long-term debts and financing the purchase by selling short-term notes, is planned to finish at the end of June.

"Silver is stuck in a range. Break on either side could determine direction," said our technical analyst.

Silver for July delivery on the MCX was 0.17% greater at Rs 55,001 per kg.


Taking a six-session long increasing ability, Gold today dropped from history by dropping Rs 70 to Rs 30,510 per 10 gram in the national capital investment on decreased offtake at existing higher levels.
However, silver retrieved by Rs 270 to Rs 55,100 per kg on clean purchasing by business systems and gold coins makers.

Investors said drop in need at current greater stages mainly take down gold  costs, which had rose to all time high of Rs 30,580 per 10 grams in the past session.

They said clean buying by business systems mainly assisted gold prices to restore from latest falls.
On the home front side, gold of 99.9% and 99.5% cleanliness lowered by Rs 70 to Rs 30,510 and Rs 30,310 per 10 grams, respectively. The metal had obtained Rs 1,080 in last six days.

Sovereigns organised stable at Rs 24,410 per item of eight h in limited buying.

However, silver prepared retrieved by Rs 270 to Rs 55,100 per kg, while weekly-based shipping dropped further by Rs 680 to Rs 54,540 per kg on deficit of speculator's support.

Meanwhile, silver coins stayed smooth at Rs 65,100 for purchasing and Rs 66,100 for selling of 100 pieces.


Bullions -
Gold is set to relocate for a fifth day in the lengthiest successful ability since Apr on rumours that the U.S. Government Source will take additional actions to buoy the economic climate, possibly decline the dollar. Immediate-delivery gold was little modified at $1,617.58 an ounces in Singapore after getting 1.7 % in the before four days. August-delivery bullion was also little modified at $1,618.80 an ounces on the Comex in New York. Information for launch these days may show U.S. customer costs dropped 0.1 % in May from monthly previously, the most since Dec 2008. Fed plan creators start a two-day conference on May 19 to evaluation financial plan, convening after few days elections in Greece that may figure out whether the country continues to be in the euro zone.

Base—Metals -
Copper may drop for a third day as Spain’s credit ratings score was cut by  economic reviews in the U.S and European countries added to trader concern that reducing global growth will cut demand for commodities. Three-month delivery was little modified at $7,390 a measurement ton on the London Metal Exchange. The metal moved $7,233.21 on May 8, the minimum level since Dec.19. Steel for July delivery was little modified at $3.321 a pound on the Comex in New York are able to.  U.S. retail sales decreased in May for a second 30 days, and Euro-area business production decreased for a second 30 days in April.

Energy -
Oil changed after an Power Division report revealed that U.S. fuel inventories suddenly dropped and as OPEC ministers collect to talk about the group’s production roof at a conference the next day. Futures trading increased as much as 0.7 percent earlier after the Power Division said petrol resources dropped 1.71 million barrels to 201.5 million last week. Stockpiles were prediction to gain 1.2 million barrels . OPEC will probably leave its outcome target the same tomorrow.


European shares are dealing on a positive observe on the back of news that The spain will sign memorandum of understanding for its organized financial save package somewhere around Twenty-first June and European Nation peak organized on Twenty eighth May. Asian markets finished on a negative observe and US stock futures trading are dealing in green.


Indian Gold dropped almost a percent from the past day record high as the rupee hit its most powerful level in two weeks and international Gold prices dropped, though physical investors patiently waited for bigger comes before coming into deals.

1.  Most active Gold for Aug shipping on the MCX was 0.82% lower at Rs 29,811  per 10 gms, dropping from the past daily history of Rs 30,284.

2.  The rupee performs an important part in identifying the arrived cost of the dollar-quoted yellow-colored metal.

3.  U.S. Gold futures trading agreement for Aug shipping lost 0.92% to $1,618.3 per ounce.

4.  Gold need in India is likely to stay demure in the arriving several weeks due to the start of monsoon down pours and a gradual wedding and celebration period. Indians have been promoting jewelry in the market to cash in on a instant development of prices.

Gold prices” slid more than 1% on Friday, increasing failures from the past period when US Central Bank chief Ben Bernanke dissatisfied traders by giving few suggestions on certain financial stimulus.

Spot Gold rates decreased as low as USD 1,560.42 an ounces, its least weekly, and exchanged at USD 1,564.28.

US Gold futures trading agreement for Aug shipping dropped 1.3% to USD 1,567.20.


International: Major Support at USD1550. Bullish till USD1600.
Domestic: Buy above 30010, Stop loss 29940, Target 30110.

International: Major Support at USD25. Bullish above USD27.
Domestic: Buy above 54240, Stop loss 54100, Target 54380.

International: Major Resisatnce at LME 9610. Bullish till LME 8400.
Domestic: Buy at 410, Stop loss 408, Target 413.

International: Bullish above 17,200.
Domestic: Buy above 890, Stop loss 880, Target 905.

International: Major Support for WTI at USD77. Bullish above USD 91.
Domestic: Buy at 4700, Stop loss 4670, Target 4770.

Domestic: Buy above 133, stop loss 130, target 136-137.

Domestic: Buy above 104, stop loss 104.40, target 105.50-105.70

Domestic: Buy at 106.18, stop loss 105.20, target 107.10.


Gold increased 4% on Friday, its greatest one-day hike of more than three years, as a amazingly poor US payrolls review added to concerns about a international economic recession and driven talk of further US financial reducing.

The precious metal fell in early trading, then rebounded USD 60 an ounce from its session low as funds piled into gold for protection against economic uncertainty after the US unemployment rate rose for the first time in 11 months.

Gold rose 3.6% this week, its largest gain since late January, when investors were already fretting over Spain's poor finances and a possible Greek exit from the euro zone, which could send Europe's debt crisis spiral out of control.

Gold ended May with its fourth straight monthly decline, the longest in 12 years. Friday's rally extended gold's gain year to date to around 4%.

Gold obtained 15% a few months ago after the US Federal reverse said in Jan it would keep rates near zero until at least overdue 2014 and could present a clean circular of asset-purchase program known as quantitative reducing.


MCX Copper Jun futures trading is dealing in negative area these days. MCX Copper Jun future prices were under pressure these days. MCX Copper started out these days at Rs 427.50 near to its previous ending of 427.95. It is dealing at the moment at Rs 424.80 down by 0.80% per Kg.

MCX Aluminum May futures continues to remain subdued on global trends opening at  Rs 111.10 and is trading flat at Rs 109.75 against its previous closing of Rs 109.75

The worsening debt crisis in Spain is constantly think about on markets . Aluminum’s powerful durability indicates it will continue to stuck though. MCX Aluminum is predicted to stay between 5-day and 10-day going earnings. Reviews that the China govt will launch a sequence of incitement guidelines will assistance the prices of Aluminum. Currently the provide side is aiming towards the need and with China non-urban vehicle subsidy, may allow some profits. Even identify action has enhanced and may control much disadvantage and at MCX, profits might be experienced due to rupee factor.

MCX Gold futures are expected to close above 29510 on daily basis although the overal trend will remain sideways.

This week, MCX Gold August Contract opened moderately higher by 0.20 percent to 29446 on Monday morning trade.

MCX Zinc May futures is trading in sideways to positive territory. MCX Zinc May future prices opened today at Rs 104.90. It is trading in positive territory today at Rs 104.95 up by 0.61%, against its previous closing of Rs 104.21 per Kilogram.