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MCX Commodity Tips” 28 March
SILVER – May -
A week ago, intelligent restoration was seen from the stage of 56100 and lastly made a high of 57760 and handled to close at 57100. Overall short-term pattern is back and forth and advanced stage level of resistance 57760-58100 to continue, whereas the assistance is 56000, decisively crack with amount further down stress up to 54100, higher-level level of capacity offer side.

GOLD - April -
As mentioned the other day, disadvantage assistance 27710 and from the stage of 27751 it shifted back and finally made a high of 28155 and managed to shut above 28100. Now in this weeks time, consider assistance at 28100; decisively break with volume further disadvantage open up to 27800, higher-level level of resistance at 28400 to look at out. However the other day, rupee fall against the dollar and assistance home gold prices. Downside, closely look at assistance stage of 27400-27800.

As described the other day, continual above 5450, distinct move and it did it and lastly made a high of 5625, but due to revenue arranging it again came down and lastly handled to carry above 5440. Overall pattern is favorable as long as carry 5400 level. In this weeks time, carefully watch 5625. Change to sell side.

Advanced stage promoting to proceed. Last week after making a high of 963, it made a low of 934. Offer on increase to proceed as long as below 960 stage... disadvantage focus on 900 to look at out.

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