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GOLD Mcx July : -
Adverse tendency is in advance provided that 29950 area hats the benefit for the day and such weak point may side down costs towards 29720/600 or even more towards 29470 stages. Even though in this hopeless image, a straight increase above 30010 area could adulterate our bearish perspective and analyze 30110/250 or even greater towards 30320.

SILVER Mcx Aug : -

Existing selling sentiments is probably to proceed towards 53500/53200 or even reduced towards 52500. Even in this bearish perspective, shock increase above 54400 area could concern our glum perspective and discover benefit area of 54700/55100 or even greater towards 55600.

COPPER Ncdex/Mcx/ June : -
As long as 421 area hats the benefit, everyday sentiments looks depressing and anticipate to see a reduced modification towards 414. However crack of 414 is required to induce significant promoting stress towards 411. On the other hand on the higher side, a rush above 424 would be an beginning indication of producing the next move towards 431.

NICKEL Mcx June : -
Intraday direction likely to be on the northern limited by positioning the disadvantage hurdle of 921 and such remedial goes may discover greater levels of 937/946 or even more. But strong investments below 921 could entice significant promoting stress towards 911/897.

LEAD Mcx Jun : -
Even though negative sentiments still lasts, a pullback move could observe towards 101.30 before the next bearish strength reemerges in the reverse. But it has to crack powerful assistance of 99 for significant drops to occur towards 96 followed by 94 stages in the near phrase. On the other part, a immediate increase of 104.30 is needed to observe the a cure for pattern in the near term.

ZINC Mcx Jun : -
A brief protecting move is on advance towards 102 stages, after it rebounded from 98 last night. For the day, we anticipate to see an preliminary restoration move towards 102 followed by a drop towards 101.3 then 100.2 stages. On the other part, surprising pullback above 102.7 could hole the bearish perspective in the near term.

CRUDEOIL Ncdex/Mcx/ July : -
Costs confronted a firm level of resistance at 4630 area in the last day dealing and this obstruction has to provide way for leading to clean purchasing towards 4684/4710 stages. For the day, we give preference to prices to business with bearish emotions towards a focus on of 4520/500 or even reduced towards 4470.

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