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MCX Copper Jun futures trading is dealing in negative area these days. MCX Copper Jun future prices were under pressure these days. MCX Copper started out these days at Rs 427.50 near to its previous ending of 427.95. It is dealing at the moment at Rs 424.80 down by 0.80% per Kg.

MCX Aluminum May futures continues to remain subdued on global trends opening at  Rs 111.10 and is trading flat at Rs 109.75 against its previous closing of Rs 109.75

The worsening debt crisis in Spain is constantly think about on markets . Aluminum’s powerful durability indicates it will continue to stuck though. MCX Aluminum is predicted to stay between 5-day and 10-day going earnings. Reviews that the China govt will launch a sequence of incitement guidelines will assistance the prices of Aluminum. Currently the provide side is aiming towards the need and with China non-urban vehicle subsidy, may allow some profits. Even identify action has enhanced and may control much disadvantage and at MCX, profits might be experienced due to rupee factor.

MCX Gold futures are expected to close above 29510 on daily basis although the overal trend will remain sideways.

This week, MCX Gold August Contract opened moderately higher by 0.20 percent to 29446 on Monday morning trade.

MCX Zinc May futures is trading in sideways to positive territory. MCX Zinc May future prices opened today at Rs 104.90. It is trading in positive territory today at Rs 104.95 up by 0.61%, against its previous closing of Rs 104.21 per Kilogram.

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