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Gold : -
Spot costs of Gold dropped by 0.3 percent in the last week on the back of durability in the Dollar Index (DX) in addition to adverse market sentiments in the international economic climate. The gold moved a low of $1,564.34/oz and shut at $1581.3/oz in last trading period of the weeks time. However, in the domestic markets MCX Gold Aug agreement resolved around same levels as that of past weeks time. Devaluation in the Idian rupee led MCX Gold costs to close on a positive observe at Rs.29,275/10 gms after in contact with a high of Rs.29,360/10 gms during the week.

Silver : -
Spot costs of Silver resolved at the same levels as that of past weeks time. However, distinct rise in the Silver costs was to cap it monitoring bearishness in the gold and base metals costs along with strength in the DX. The white steel moved a every week great of $27.58/oz and shut at $27.1/oz on Friday. On the Domestic front costs devaluation in the Native indian Rupee led MCX Silver to negotiate 0.1 percent higher in the weeks time after in contact with a higher of Rs.53,210/kg.

Crude Oil : -
On the every week base, Nymex Crude oil costs improved around 5 percent taking hints from supply issues from Iran and increasing Middle East stress, decrease in US Crude oil selections along with cut in periodic development from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). However, further benefit in costs was to cap it on theback of durability in the DX.

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