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GOLD Mcx August :-
Costs have been dealing in a limited variety without much route . Even in this difficult state, weak point could increase only below 29150 area, else keep the same for short protecting move towards 29340/29410 or even greater towards 29560. But shock drop below 29150 area may kindle clean promoting towards 29020/29870.

SILVER Mcx Aug :-

Uneven dealing inside 53100-53340 stages have been growing since the day period. For the day, while costs stay above 52710 further increase towards 53540/54100 is preferred, else would call for promoting stress towards 52100 originally followed by 49100/48500 stages later.

COPPER Ncdex/Mcx/ Aug :-
Falls likely to find support near 421 followed by a merging and flow cost greater. However, an surprising convert reduced below 420 would hole our intraday favorable objectives and take costs lower.

NICKEL Mcx July :-
The turn around experienced from 894 likely to boost towards 901 originally, which if eliminated could increase the emotions towards 911/917 or even more. A immediate dip below 892 would be needed to hole such objectives and move costs lower.

LEAD Mcx July :-
Prices are continuously upcoming towards good area, as it is dealing above 22 day EMA support at 103 stages. But the reactionary shift may lasts only up to 104.10 stages, where the 45 day EMA level of capacity cap it the upwards shift. However, if costs smashes the same may see a development of costs towards 103.80 followed by 105.90 stages. On the other side, not successful efforts to business above 104.80 could turn the reverse to a dealing uneven session.

CRUDEOIL Ncdex/Mcx/ July :-

After yesterday’s goes, costs are looking attractive for an benefit force if it smashes above 4814 area continually focusing on stages of 4861/4896. On the other hand, costs have to splinter past 4774 area originally to test stages of 4744/4714 and even lower towards 4684 region.

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