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GOLD Mcx August :  -
Costs likely to shift greater originally towards 29870 area for a drawback which could originally find assistance at 29710/590 or even reduced towards 29480. But successful goes above 29870 area could raise up prices further towards 29980/30110.

SILVER Mcx Aug :  -
As long as costs stay above 54310 good prejudice preferred and likely to improve the purchasing strength towards 54810/55210 or even more for the day. A immediate drop below 53110 could negate such bullish sentiments and drag prices lower.

COPPER Ncdex/Mcx/ Aug : -
Continuous candlepower unit development is helpful for bulls but it needs to be cleaned the powerful benefit of 431.40-434 areas to continue powerful short protecting rallies. On the other hand a immediate dip below 423 would be a indication of promoting stress again.

NICKEL Mcx July : -
Initial falls if organised near 936 costs have room for a increase towards 946 followed by 953/963 stages. Constant investments below 927, emotions will be poor again.

CRUDEOIL Ncdex/Mcx/ July : -
As long as costs remain above 4820, pattern seems to be switching in support of bulls. The costs activity is likely to find preliminary level of resistance around 4910 area to improve the fluff run towards 4980-5000 area. On the in contrast, a crack below 4820 could see costs inching reduced towards 4790-45/4730 stages for the day.

NATURAL GAS Mcx July : -
Last daily strong goes determine the use of purchasing attention. But for the coming period, 164-165 area has to give way for repairing our favorable emotions towards 169/173.At the same time, unable to break the area of 165 could sell our purchasing attention and could find support at 158/155.

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