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Silver price stayed unstable during the a week ago and resolved at 56571. In this, we may consider powerful level of resistance at 57510-58100 and change to offer side, disadvantage assistance 55100 to look at out.

MCX Gold ongoing displaying small trading range for the the other day and made a higher of 29283 and low of 29941. In this weeks time, consider pattern decider 29127 - below keep prefer and above fluff prefer to be followed. We suggest high-risk investors to go long with stop-loss for focus on 29310-29510 in future. Once separate out assistance level, non-stop focus on 28510.

The other day exchanged inline with our anticipations and made a high of 448.50. Thereafter some selling pressure surfaced and was unable to maintain at advanced level and shut at 441. In this weeks time, carefully observe 444, cross-over it will show strength, whereas the disadvantage support 431-435 range to look at out.

As the other day on Wednesday it was expected that big fall on the card in Raw and it occurred on Saturday trading and lastly overall made a low 5214 showing bearishness to continue in this investment. In this weeks time, pattern decider 5360... stay below keep prefer... carefully eye 5181... separate with amount... real anxiety will start.


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