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Investment demand in both the metal rose in last couple of day especially in mcx gold. The biggest fund in gold holding increased by 2.11% in last 2 weeks. Whereas the biggest fund in silver increased their holding by more than 1% as per last month data.

MCX July Natural Gas Rs.201.? Based on study. I see trade range of Rs.205.30-198., Recommendation buying at Rs.201.28/198.80?upside sell target is Rs.203.02 and trend reversal at Rs.204.

MCX August Crude Rs.4366? Based on study, I see trade range of Rs.4281-4471, Recommendation Buy at Rs.4334/4301?upside sell target is Rs.4384/4451/4471(is trend reversal.

MCX Sept. Silver Rs.58474? Based on study, I see trade range of Rs.56141-61300, I recommend to buy Rs.57884/56872(confirm this level below Rs.58140 around)?upside sell target is Rs.59051/59343 ?59931/61391. (Strong bearish only below Rs.56131?51462).

MCX Gold Aug Rs.23065 ? Based on our study, I see trade range of Rs.22784-23230, Recommendation buy on fall upto Rs.22894/22843. (stops below Rs.22712) upside sell exit level is Rs.23121/23173( This level might see come minor correction). Buy on dips is recommended.

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