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Get trading advice from our technical experts for base metals, precious metals, crude oil, natural gas etc. Mcx Tips For NCDEX traders we provide special trading tips which can help them earn more with same investments inputs as they were doing earlier. If you trade in precious metal then you must take this free trial. Gold and silver trading tips.

Gold prices are likely to head low after it tested the resistance zone at 29140. Prices are expected to test 28840 -28810.

Silver prices are likely to trade lower after testing the high of 54800, one can sell on rise around 54610 with a stop loss above 55240.

Copper prices are expected to test 431 -433 zone on higher end. One can buy on dip around 424 with a stop loss below 422.

Nickel prices are expected to trade between the range from 931 to 970. Prices are expected to rise one can buy around 930.

Lead prices are expected to trade positive, one can buy around 105.90 -106.30 with a stop loss below 104. prices can expect prices to test 108 on higher end.

Crude prices are expected to bounce one should look for buying opportunity at 5110 with a stop loss below 5030....

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