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MCX Gold June : Prices seen trading with a negative outlook with immediate target of 28840/600 or even lower by holding the upside cap of 29170 region. Even in this bearish outlook, unexpected move above 29180 region could lift up prices towards 29260 or even more towards 29380.

MCX Silver June : Likely to be choppy inside the range of 53600-54300 levels with mild positive bias. Either side breakout would suggest fresh directional moves later.

MCX Copper June : Inability to surpass above 428.40, expect bearishness to continue towards 423/420 or even more. However, it would be required to break and sustain above 430 to resume further upsides.

MCX Nickel May : Mild positive bias is expected as long as prices stay above 927. However ,944-951 regions would be the initial trigger to rush prices towards 971 later. Unexpected sell off below 916 would be an early signal of strong selling again.

MCX Lead May : Current upside bias less likely to persist until it cross above 108.10 region, else hold the same for a long liquidation pressure towards 107/106.30 or even lower towards 105.30. But break above108.10 could extend buying interest toward 109.60/110.

MCX Crude Oil June : The prevailing bias is likely to extend towards 5030-54 region on break past 5070. However, inability to break below this level could see prices revisiting highs of 5123/5153 levels. Push higher above 5153 could see a bulls drive home the advantage towards 5183 and even higher towards 5223. Conversely, a crack below 5030 could see prices targeting 4980 levels.

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